Great Dane

In it for the Long Haul


One of the most history-rich trucking companies in America approached Viget to reimagine and revitalize their outdated website through a new, energizing brand strategy and visual design overhaul.

The Challenge

Great Dane offers several different products with seemingly similar overlapping features. We gave them the tools to help their potential buyers quickly discover which product is right for them and directing them through the proper channels for purchasing.

Visual Navigation

Jumping between  models is fast and easy with our visual navigation system. One of the more important features is being able to quickly tell the product category - Dry Freight, Refrigerated or simply a Flat Bed trailer.

Custom Imagery

We created a series of custom photographic pieces to bring life to what might otherwise feel like repetitive imagery. Our goal with Great Dane imagery: when possible, create depth and motion through dynamic shapes and cropping.

Quick Compare

Since most of the trailers look - and sometimes sound the same, we wanted to give potential buyers and easy to access comparison feature. Simpler than having to download a brochure - users can now quickly get the information they need to make an informed purchase.


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